Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Value Of A Security Consultant

Many organizations – even, or perhaps especially those with in-house security operations – frequently fail to recognize the benefits of an occasional security assessment conducted by an outside, independent security consultant.

A security assessment of a business is conducted to identify factors which create potential risk to employees, customers, guests and facilities; to analyze and prioritize those potential risks; to analyze current security countermeasures in relation to the identified risks; and to offer recommendations, ranging from physical security measures to security personnel to security policies and procedures, to prevent and/or mitigate as many potential risks as possible. Many organizations have come to realize the value of an outside, independent, objective security audit process – such a review assures that all issues of potential concern have been identified and addressed.

Smaller businesses which do not have a proprietary security operation rightly utilize their local law enforcement agencies to provide basic protective efforts and believe that such involvement is sufficient for their security planning needs, but that is not necessarily the case – law enforcement agencies focus primarily on problem response and resolution, and rarely have the knowledge or experience to conduct thorough assessments of a business’s total security program which should focus primarily on development of prevention and mitigation strategies. While both components – prevention/mitigation and response/resolution – are essential for a thorough security plan, it is obviously much more beneficial to prevent problems whenever possible. So inclusion of the expertise of a security professional is something that should be considered. And in organizations that already have a proprietary security program, an occasional independent security assessment provides a fresh perspective to processes routinely managed by persons who may be too close to the situation to see it clearly and completely.

A security review of any business or security program by a totally independent security consultant, with no affiliations with equipment or personnel providers, can be invaluable in assuring that all security concerns have been identified and addressed in an objective manner, with recommendations geared to the particular needs and circumstances of a specific business.