Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Security Consultant

This is the inaugural post for The Security Consultant. After 30 years as a security practitioner - a career that has included service as a Director of Security for 3 organizations; as the Security Consultant to a large Sheriff's Department; as an independent Security Consultant to business, industry and government; and as an expert witness providing litigation support services for both plaintiffs and defense - I felt that I was sufficiently qualified and experienced to not only provide some guidance into the operational aspects of security practice, but to provide some insights into the philosophies, values and ideologies which should guide and govern professional security practitioners in the course of their duties and responsibilities. If the information I provide and the views I express help any person or organization to better practice their chosen profession or better protect their assets, I will feel that I have been successful in achieving my objective in creating this blog. The Security Consultant

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again Jon for sharing this extraordinary informative blog with us! We've always felt that people of your stature should provide the Nation's Security! Of course, you know what we think of the Gov't's security...FBI, CIA and the Secret Service.
Respectfully; Jim and Betty.