Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Security Efforts Must Be Constant

This principle should be self-evident; but, unfortunately, it is frequently not. Many organizations take the attitude that the protection of its assets will occur naturally or by happenchance, without conscious or due regard. That philosophy could not be further from the truth. Of course, the myth of “accidental” self-protection is often promulgated by short-term experience – that is, at any given time, for short periods of time, a formalized security program may not appear to be needed because nothing at the moment is threatening the organization’s assets. But as with any string of good fortune, reality sets in quickly and the need for a sound security program becomes readily apparent. As with virtually all other business decisions, success (in this case, the protection of the organization’s assets) should be determined by diligent attention to planning, not left to the capriciousness of luck.

The development of sound protection strategies is a continuous process of analysis and upgrade, not merely a one-time program that is implemented then forgotten.

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